Early evening maternity session

The Dempseys first contacted me about doing a maternity session in early October, hoping to do something outside and, in particular, taking advantage of the local fall colors or foliage. 


Unfortunately, not only were the colors rather muted this year, but the weather and schedule conflicts conspired to push the desired session further and further down the calendar.


While it took some time, we were finally able to get together the week before Thanksgiving, taking advantage of some great early-evening light out at the Skaneateles Conservation Area. 


While there wasn't much in the way of fall color and the temperature was hovering around freezing, everything came together in the end and I was able to get the photos seen here. Both they and their son were troopers and I appreciate the patience and good humor; I look forward to working with them again.


Pre-Halloween family outing

Had the chance to photograph the lovely Peck family this past Friday on the Charlie Major Nature Trail in Skaneateles, NY. While the fall colors have been somewhat muted this season, the late-afternoon light helped bring out some of them just a few days before Halloween. The Pecks have strong, local ties to the area and I had a blast getting to photograph them.


First clients

Readjusting to real winter weather was a challenging aspect of relocating from Arlington, Virginia to Skaneateles, New York; having to build a new a client base was also a formidable proposition.

While I didn't make the pivot to full-time, professional photography until we moved to The Finger Lakes, I had built up a good "side" business in the Washington, DC-area where I was doing work with a variety of clients. I covered book signings; did some commercial shoots; photographed families; captured retirement ceremonies... I did a bit of everything, but couldn't take that work and the associated clients with me.


Enter the Marrinan family. They came across an advertisement I'd posted in a local Facebook group and became my first clients in town. I could not have asked for a better, more enjoyable first session, with mother, daughter and their beloved pooch bringing added luster to an already beautiful, Fall day. In addition, they became my de-facto publicists for my first few months in town, referring me to a number of additional, new clients; I am incredibly grateful for that.