Senior Portraits: John

It has been raining for weeks here in the Finger Lakes, or at least it seems that way. The beautiful foliage we’ve enjoyed this year has, more often than not, obscured by raindrops, mist, and fog.

It was against this backdrop that I’d been trying to schedule a senior portrait with John, a Skaneateles High School student and top-rated boy’s lacrosse player who will be playing NCAA Division 1 next year for Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.


It was raining when I arrived at the High School for our session, and came close to postponing it (again). However, the rain stopped long enough to get in a short session, and some nice photos. John is a smart, polite, determined young man who would like to study business in college, and it was a pleasure working with him.

I just wouldn’t want to meet him on the lacrosse field… ever.


Going into our session, I had a few ideas as to how I wanted to shoot John in his lacrosse gear. In particular, I wanted to get create a feeling an aesthetic that was consistent with the sport of lacrosse how I was first introduced to it, as a fan watching games on “the hill” at Boyden Field at the University of Massachusetts. At the time, the field had a natural playing surface, the being tough, fast, dirty and gritty. Understanding this, and taking into account the cloudy skies and colder weather, I wanted to convey this through John’s portraits.


Black and white made the most sense to me, and I punched up the clarity, contrast, and grain to bring about the look I wanted. As it turned out, it served to render John’s eyes as darker, less vibrant… and looking really, really intimidating.

Despite the weather and the less than ideal conditions, it was a pleasure working with John, and I hope to get some nice action shots of him once lacrosse season rolls around next spring.