Robin & Brandon: A Wedding in the Finger Lakes

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure and privilege of photographing the wedding of Robin and Brandon in Skaneateles, NY. Robin is the sister of a client of mine, and decided to hold the ceremony and reception at a family home just down the road from me in my still “new’ish” home town.


It was a stunning (albeit, warm) September afternoon in the Finger Lakes, the setting both feeling and looking like a summer garden party thanks to the abundance of flowers and elegant setting/styling by She Rents Vintage; the scene would not have looked out of place in a Country Living spread.


It was very much a casual, comfortable affair where the laughter was easy and smiles abundant. This was the case from my arrival around 12:00pm as the bride got ready, through the end of the dinner, a picnic-style BBQ courtesy of the always good Dinosaur BBQ.


As has been the case with other weddings I’ve photographed, my goal was to document the day much as a photojournalist would cover an event, using candid shots to compose a narrative with as little intrusion as possible. The smaller wedding and venue size made this challenging at times, but the access and trust afforded by the family of the bride and groom allowed me to capture the spirit and feeling of the day.


The word that came to mind in how I pictured the day was “classic,” from the suspenders and smart bow ties of the groom and his best men, to the antique couches and elegant place settings. The color palate was warm, but subdued; the bride’s dress was simple, elegant lace… it wasn’t stuffy, and it made for some great photo opportunities.


For purposes of the photo essay I made for the bride and groom, I chose to desaturate the colors somewhat, using an “antique” filter to enhance the warmth, but stopping short of a full-on sepia tone for the day. While it was an exceptionally clear and bright day, muting the colors made the most sense, picturing something that was very much, ‘vintage.’


I’m grateful they agreed to let me photograph their special day, one you can see more of by checking out the full, photo essay of Robin and Brandon here.