• I am a freelance photographer who recently relocated with my wife and daughter to Skaneateles, NY from Arlington, VA. I am a native of Lake Placid, NY and have also lived in New Orleans, Boston and Washington, DC.
  • I consider myself a natural light photographer who prefers to use a minimum amount of equipment and no flash wherever possible.
  • I am a longtime communications professional, spending over seventeen years on staff in Harvard University’s Office of Public Affairs and Communications (HPAC) where I cultivated my interest in photography, receiving both support and advice from any number of top professionals including Kris Snibbe, Jon Chase, Rose Lincoln, BD Colen, Stephanie Mitchell and Gail Oskin. 
  • I am a current member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), a Contributing Photographer to Syracuse.com, and am inspired by the work of top photojournalists including Brian Snyder, C.J. Gunther, William B. Plowman, Rick Friedman and Justin Ide.
  • Friends know me as a massive soccer fan, having attended professional matches all over the United States as well as the Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany; I also design soccer scarves.
  • I'm the proud owner of a rescue dog appropriately-named "Happy" who likes to take me on walks around the block.
  • I maintain a strong interest in geopolitics and international affairs, my Master's thesis entitled "The paradox of national preferences in the presence of securitization: policy frameworks on immigrant integration in the post-9/11 European Union." If you need a sleep aid, I'll lend you a copy.
  • I am a former, deployable member of the Arlington County (VA) Community Emergency Response Team.

All photographs on this website are copyrighted and not in the public domain. They may not be used in any way and any unauthorized downloading will be prosecuted by law... and/or thumbscrews.